El Salvador Journal: Part II

10153304_10152274912666550_1665488869_n 3/17/2014 (5:48am)

“I finally got some sleep after being up since 6am (est) on Saturday, so I will try to remember what I can.

After leaving the airport yesterday, and learning that a catholic high school group of 21 girls would be working with us, we went to get some food at a place called, “the corner.” The food was amazing: rice and beans, pulled pork, and vegetables.

Afterwards, we got back in the van and headed out to where we would be staying, or so we thought. The drive taught us a little about what the real El Salvador was like and why we were here. I was able to take some picture, but didn’t want to upset anyone who may have seen us driving by. On that note, driving outside of the U.S is always fun because of the lack of rules while driving.

We got to what Tim called “the compound,” which just meant it was a house with a concrete walls and barbed wire surrounding it. A lot of houses have these walls around it with big gates for security. This was what I imagine a lower-middle class neighborhood is like around the country.

After making our way inside, we put our stuff down and said hi to the people putting us up for the week. At first there was some kind of issue with where we were going to stay, so we went down to the beach, which was right out the back gate of the yard.

We all went down to the water and messed around for a bit, even played baseball with some of the local kids. My jeans got soaked, but it wasn’t a big deal considering  I wouldn’t be wearing them until our trip home the following Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure it let the locals know we were friendly.


(Ryan, Tim, and Andrew down at the water for the first time)

Eventually, we figured out where we were staying (picture above). We thought it would be the same as the house were first arrived at, but boy were we wrong.

It was amazing.


(Our first meal at “the corner”)

We walked two houses over down the beach and were shown our rooms. There were two available and, since Courtney was the only girl on the trip, she got her own room while the four guys shared another.

The backyard, as you can see from the first picture, had a pool and a huge yard with a balcony overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Seeing the pool meant that we needed to go for a swim, and, later on, it was definitely time for dinner.

We had another amazing meal of meatballs, potatoes, rice and beans. We also met the group we would be working with. I think we all forgot how to deal with high school aged kids, though we aren’t that far removed from it.

After dinner we built a fire on the beach and hung out for a while.

Some other people staying at the house, from Brazil, were playing guitar and singing in Portuguese. By 9pm (MT, 11pm EST), we were beat and went off to bed, setting an alarm for the sunrise, 6am.”



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