Things My Grandma Taught Me

Before I list the things my grandma told me growing up, I want to explain why I’m doing this. She passed away some months ago and I haven’t been back to New York since then. I’ve been to Brooklyn and Long Island, but haven’t had a reason to venture to the City since then. Today, I’m going to see a hockey game with an old friend of mine at Madison Square Garden.

I’m trying to keep it together as I ride the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) and think about her. I plan on taking a walk down to her block and taking in the moment. I’m hoping it gives me some kind of closure.

She taught me a lot in all the time I spent there. The City will always hold a special place in my heart and I can only hope I’m able to continue to go there whenever I can.

With that, here are the things I can remember about what my grandma taught me either about New York or the things that make us New Yorkers.

– New York City (Manhattan) is the real New York. Period.

– Real bagels aren’t flat on the bottom

– Real New Yorkers wear North Face jackets

– Always take advantage of the multitude of grocery stores in your neighborhood. Never settle if some other store has better quality

– Make time for coffee

– Walk everywhere

– Do your own thing and don’t worry about anyone else

– Know when all of the trains leave for that day and which subways are out of order


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