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It’s been a while…

For a while writing on here was a really good way for me to get my thoughts on paper off my chest, but for the last few weeks, I guess since the last time I posted, I’ve been occupied with some other things.

With only one class, which doesn’t have too much work involved, and an internship and Onondaga Historical Association, I’ve been able to concentrate on work. Civic Engagement allows me to put all of my ideas into action. Anything I think of I go and do and if I don’t think it’s a good idea I simply move on. The first event, on Constitution Day, was “meh” at best. The panel kind of fell apart, leaving me to be a part of it last minute, but the moderator and opening speaker, two professors on campus, did a really good job. Though the audience numbers were low, I think about 6 or 7, it was successful in doing what I had hoped: educate students on how current events influence our civil liberties. The discussion turned out to be a good back and forth between the two panelist, myself, the moderator, and a few audience members. I wish I had put a bit more time in to planning it. I hoped the student organization I was working with would have invested a little more in to the process. This is not to say the two people that did help didn’t do a great job, because they did. I know I could count on them from day one. The rest of the organization? No investment turned in to no follow-through. But it is what it is, right? So I took what I learned from planning and executing that event to the second one, which is coming up in 10 days.

This event is along the same lines: Panel members, moderator, closing speakers, Q&A. Instead of someone else coming up with questions and topics, I’ve been looking around myself and to be honest, I’m really happy with what has come together. The panel members are on board and have been a huge help and, amazingly enough though, even people I’m trying to get feedback from about the event have helped me out. Completely unexpected and a breath of fresh air.

Anyway, there I go again; letting work get the best of my brain.

I’m not used to having all of this time to concentrate on work. It’s an amazing thing not to worry about how many books I need to read or papers to write. I’m not stressed out at the library trying to cram every last bit of the author’s words into my head. I do the reading for class, I’ve been ahead on all my classwork, and I learn something new every week at my internship. It’s been really great.

I started helping out with the Women’s Club Hockey team again, but only as an assistant coach. The first practice and last nights game, a 5-1 win over Niagara University, were a little weird for me. After being with the team the last three seasons, having someone else control the team is a little hard to deal with. I found myself going back to the way it used to be and trying to take charge. When that happened, I stepped back and let the coach do his thing. One of the biggest issues is I know the team. Many of these players have only had me as a coach. I know how they play, who plays well together, and what works best when trying to explain plays, drills, and mistakes. I’ll help when I need to, but I need to make sure I don’t fall in to the same bad habits.

The good news is, the team did very well last night. Niagara, historically a very good team, had diminished numbers similar to our team. The difference is, the team we were left with was the right group. The energy and attitude on the bench were much different than last year or any year for that matter. The skill is certainly a bit less, though the goaltending, luckily, has stayed consistent and we have another great goalie that will be with the team for a few seasons. All in all, ┬áit was almost a brand new team. We’ll see how it plays out and this will be a good learning experience for me. It won’t matter what I’ve done in the past, I just need to make sure I learned from it and move on.

Leah and I are ┬áreally good. Our new apartment is working out, though I know I could stand to do a bit more around here. I get caught up with my own stuff and, as with coaching, bad habits form from what I was living alone for a while. I’ll get better. With more time on my hands I know I have to either do school work or help out.

I’m trying my best to relax when I have time and go and do things on whim without plans. The semester is flying by and before I know it, I’ll be applying to a bunch of jobs and maybe even leaving Oswego within the next year. I’m not worried or nervous because I know I have Leah to support me, but having an uncertain future is both exciting and nerve racking, but I know everything will be fine.


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