Sempre Imparare. Always Learning.

I’ve met a lot of different people in my close to 23 years on this earth, but I’m beginning to understand more about myself through simplifying my life; by breaking down these structures I built up in my head for so many years that I thought meant happiness, especially in my daily life.

Many of the people I encounter on a daily basis tell me what they’re background is in, “Well, my background is business administration,” “Mine is in marketing and graphic design.” For the last few years my goal was to be a historian, whatever that means. I wanted all the credentials I’d ever need. The solid Master’s GPA. Internships. Jobs. The whole nine. What I’m realizing is, you need more than this narrow track to become what you want.

I don’t want to focus my present on the few things in my past that make me a  “historian.”I want to have a broad background that allows me to gain skills in every aspect of my life, professional and otherwise. My resume is full of jobs, internships, fellowships, assistant-ships, all of which tell the story of how I became who I am and who I want to be.

Umm, what do I want to be?

I want to be an educator, teaching people parts of history they’re interested in and how to use it in their daily life in a setting that is comfortable. A museum is the perfect place. They show up willingly, they ask questions, I either answer the question or we find the answer together. Conversation sparks the flow of information. We learn together. No one is smarter than anyone.

I listen to the aforementioned people speak and think, “Is this their whole life?” “Is this all they have that they’re proud of?” If it’s not, it sure as hell seems like it is.

I want my life to be integrated. I can’t separate all the different aspects of my life and be a different person everywhere I go. I want a seamless, border-less life that allows me to learn everywhere I go, with every person I speak to, and with every experience I have.


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