Addiction: Music

I’m not “addicted” to any substances, I don’t think. Maybe coffee and french fries. However, I am addicted to short, fast punk songs. I think a lot of people listen to hardcore or punk and get bored because it’s the same thing over and over. But the way I think about it is, if the band does it well enough 2 or 3 minutes with a rock n roll guitar riff,solid drums and passionate lyrics, it should leave you wanting more. This is why I’ve been listening to the same records for the last 3 months. I listen to it once, and I just want more of it.

When I was in Burning Bridge Street,  my junior and senior years of college, we had trouble writing songs because of all the different influences we had as individual musicians. Though my “hardcore phase” came after the band was pretty much over, when we were writing I never found the need to change things up from verse to verse, adding different post-chorus riffs or interludes. 


I just wanted to write songs I was passionate about and that I loved to play. For the most part, we wrote songs that we all loved to play and there were only a few that we completely trashed or just didn’t play live, though live meant playing at a house party that we threw so we could play in front of our friends. I don’t get to play drums much anymore so I’m forced to look at them every time enter or leave my apartment. I’ve been trying for a while to get back into it, but there aren’t many people in Oswego not already in bands or who want to play acoustic jam-band stuff. I never got sick of playing or writing music, and I hope that I get back behind the kit with a band soon. 



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