Happiness: Make it your own

Don’t let anyone tell you what happiness is. The old saying is, “Money won’t buy you happiness,” but maybe for you it will. Hell, maybe it won’t- just make sure you are the one who is defining it. I recently had a professor rip apart a paper of mine and for a little while I was really down about it. Then I began thinking that at the end of the day, that isn’t what represents who I am as a person, an academic, or even a future employee of a museum I might work in.

My Master’s degree will tell it’s own story, my resume another- together telling people what I’m really about. That made me feel much better about myself. I have two great jobs this summer, two more semesters of graduate school until I finish my degree, and the ambition to go live and work wherever I want. So who cares if I only got a B in that class, that can’t define who I am or stop me from being happy. It should be about the process, not the result.

On top of my professional life, I’ve been much better lately (I think so) at taking opportunities to have fun outside of work. I don’t want to only have fun if “I have time.” I want to make time for people, places, activities, food, and new things. I went to Saratoga last weekend with Leah and we had a really good time. It was great to get out of Oswego for a second and take in the beauty of another city. On top of that, we had fun eating, drinking, walking around, and meeting new people at the NYS AP Awards.

What I’m trying to say, and the moral to this post is – Define your life on your own. If you want certain aspects of it to represent you, than make it happen. If you don’t, than don’t. Just know you’re in control.


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