Learning to let you in

There will only be a few people in my life that have the ability to keep me on my feet. This past year I’ve been working towards my Master’s degree while juggling 2-3 jobs, internships, assistantships, playing in a band, and coaching hockey. I didn’t leave a lot of time for myself, let alone anyone else.

But you were there, through it all. Even when I ignored me, you were there to make sure I ate; you gave me motivation to finish close to 250 pages of research papers and 25 books; you made sure I had stability for the few hours I spent home each day even if it meant I was asleep.

I can’t think of any way to say thank you. I can just hope you need me the way that I never knew I could need someone.

For whatever reason, words escape me to explain how I feel. So here are words that someone else wrote accompanied by some minor piano and guitar chords that make my tummy feel weird and this strange liquid to form around the windows into the place where my brain should be.

I love you.


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