"Learning isn’t about knowledge, it’s about awareness."

Recently I have been getting more and more into philosophy. My only goal of reading these books is to get different perspectives on life; to be more aware of the possibilities. The video in this post puts it into better words than I ever could, and has some amazingly simple ways to think about day to day life. It is,  like many inspirational speeches, a commencement speech at a University.

Even after four years of college, roughly spanning the 17-23 age bracket, students have become somewhat dependent on what these speakers have to say. For many of these graduates, this will be the last thing anyone will teach them in a college setting. It is the piece of information that will allow them to feel some extraordinary quality bestowed upon them by this other person with experience and a large vocabulary. It all sounds nice, great even. However, the most important part of the speech is not always the content itself. Like this video will show, it’s about what it will inspire you to do.

Ted Winkworth, someone who has become what I’ll call a close acquaintance of mine, embodies these words, though he is more than adept of putting it on paper as well. Ted is going on a motorcycle trip of somewhat epic proportions. His goal is to inspire people by showing them what is capable of human drive, will, and desire to be a better “you.” He quit his job, sold his stuff (some of which I bought. Thanks, Ted. The record player is awesome!), and plans to one day reach Seattle while writing a book and documenting his travels. This is not a, “Hey! Quit your job like me and be free, man” type of trip. It’s an adventure that he hopes will show other people that if you put all of yourself into something, the process and the result will make you feel whole. This is something he wants to do; something that is good for him. That cannot be stressed enough.

It is a journey that will teach people how to be aware of what they can be. 

The following video was posted on his trip’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/tedineverydirection, and it, much like what I have been reading lately, has inspired me to be a better, well — me. Follow Ted’s journey at http://www.TedWinkworth.com. Watch the following video. And hey, go be a better you — for you.


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