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When I got home in the morning yesterday, I decided that I was going to go out and do things. I always look at my bike sitting in the living room, so I thought it would be nice to go on a ride down to Minetto (a smaller town than Oswego – I know right?). So I went to my favorite spot there and hung out for a little bit, then headed back North to Oswego where I picked up sandwiches for Leah and I; the second part of my day that I planned. I brought them to WRVO and we ate. Perfect.

On my way home, I saw that this antique shop was open that I had never been to. I went inside and was overwhelmed by everything that was there. I took a few laps, took some pictures, and went on my way. As a history-nerd, it’s nice to look at small pieces of the past and feel a part of it, if only for a few minutes.

Anyway, I went home and caught up on a TV show I watch, played a game of NHL13 (which I lost), and then took a nap. Leah messaged me at 5-ish to unlock the door for her mom and brother, who are visiting Oswego this weekend. I hung out there for a while until Leah got home from work, then I walked down to The Wall (indoor rock-climbing) where I met up with a friend of mine. I got to the top of one wall and then “made a nemesis” with a wall that I was not able to conquer. When I could no longer hold myself up, I made my way home. Leah said her family was at Press Box and I drove over for a late dinner and a beer.

All and all, yesterday was pretty awesome. The fulfillment that I’ve been looking for lately, as it turns out, came in the form of being active, good food, my girlfriend, friends, random conversations, a Cuban sandwich, and a Long Island brew. I forgot how simple of a person I am; that I don’t need much to make me feel good to be alive.

The best part of this post is, I didn’t even mention that my proposal for a fellowship was accepted and that I will be able to work at a museum this summer for decent money. It was a great day besides that, and it made me feel good that I didn’t need news about a job to make me happy.


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When I lived in New York City I would hear sirens from ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars all day and night. Those sounds are the pulse of the city along with squeaky car brakes and the clanking of subway cars beneath your feet.

Most people think it would be hard to sleep with all of that going on; that it would drive you crazy not having a moment of silence. Thinking back, those sounds were somewhat relaxing for me. It mean that there was always something going on and that I wasn’t the only busy person, that something good, bad, or indifferent could be happening to any number of people at any moment.

What’s weird is, now that I live in Oswego I don’t hear those noises that often. It makes me feel disconnected from what’s going on around me. You can’t always see what’s going on, but even if something is happening a few blocks over there’s a chance you might hear it.

One day I’ll live somewhere I can hear those sounds again and feel connected. For now, I’ll try to connect better with what I have.

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Long Island

Heading to Long Island in a few minutes. I always have mixed feelings about going “home.” The idea that I will be in a room surrounded by all the things I’ve rejected over the years is somewhat unsettling to me, though I do love me some nostalgia. It will be nice to reconnect with some family in the time that I’m not running around screaming at a hardcore show. And, Leah and I will get to hang out and have some fun at the Mixtape Festival seeing a lot of our favorite bands. Some of mom’s home cooking ain’t bad either.

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