I want to take the word success out of my vocabulary. It’s more for what it means to other people than what it means to me. I think I just want to live and not measure it in any way. I want to learn, eat, drink, create, and listen. I also want to learn to love new things, travel more, and be adventurous.

As for my future, I want to find somewhere that can take my breath away. This is a picture (below) of Central Park, New York City, a place that first did that to me as a kid. I spent a lot of time here growing up, climbing the huge boulders and laying in the sun when I got to the top. I never understood how these huge rocks got in the middle of this amazing city. It never made any sense. The best part of my astonishment was eventually learning about them. About everything in New York. I’m sure I don’t need to live in New York City or Brooklyn, even though it may be where I belong, I just need to live somewhere that can keep up with my quest for knowledge and teach me how to gain excitement from life in a bunch of different ways.


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