A “nice” life

Everyone wants to live a nice life, but everyone also has a different definition of what that is. You’re also allowed to disagree with other people and speak your mind about how you might not like to live or do what they do, that’s o.k, too. It’s very hard to live a simple life in this modern world, but I’ve met people that are perfectly content (or at least them seem it) with how they live their own life, even if its not picture perfect, they get by and wake up everyday able to eat and find a way to sleep at night; that’s a win in my book. I’ve been really lucky to have a job, family, friends and an opportunity to go to college straight out of High School. But looking at what some of these people have experience in beats the shit out of anything I can gain by going to college and earning a degree to teach kids and perpetuate the same lifestyle I’m living. Some of these guys aren’t even from New York, have been on tours with bands, met awesome people, are working where ever to get by and have some money to keep doing things they love to do. That is a far better life then I can ever gain from going to college. They make jokes to me as the young guy at the workplace, “go to business school, this is a trap, it only gets worse the more you know.” Unfortunately, it’s true.  But I’d rather learn from mistakes that I’ve made rather than mistakes others made that make me avoid learning the experience for myself.

Yes you should learn from others, but sometimes it takes making the wrong turn to fully understand. As an aspiring teacher, it’s kind of a weird statement for me to make, but in certain situations it’s hard to take the side of, “listen to what I say it’s for the best.” There is only so much a book, a person, a teacher, parent whatever can tell you before you need to go out there and, to be blunt, fuck up. Sometimes that’s what it takes. But you can walk away and access what happened and that’s it. Some people want millions of dollars, not that it sounds like a terrible idea to anyone by any stretch of the imagination, others want to be able to learn everyday, eat, have a place to stay, and have some extra cash to do whatever. It’s a tough choice in a pretty misunderstanding world.


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