As the trip to Italy approaches…

I realized that I have a lot of studying to do before I go. Speaking with my cousin Andrea about how my dad was supposed to call seemed pretty hard to do since I haven’t been at school speaking, reading, and listening every other day. For the most part I can hold a conversation, but I’m interested in what will happen when they ask me questions about who I am and what I do and they explain to me what they do. Even better, what about daily tasks and regular conversation? Who knows, but, I’m excited to indulge myself into this culture that I’ve only heard so many good things about.  I’ve never met this side of the family before, and they don’t know much English, which should make it twice as interesting. I hope to come back speaking 10 fold what I know now ,though I’ve been  speaking Italian since 8th grade (which is going on 7 years). I’ve never had to only speak Italian, but this can only help me. The rest of the trip in Rome and Altomonte will be awesome, too. Being with some classmates roaming (pun intended) the streets at night talking to random people having them laugh at us as we butcher their wonderful language. Definitely time to start to do some reading and help myself out a bit.



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